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We do various design solutions that can help you with your business visually and strategically. If you don't see a solution tailored to your business needs it does not mean we don't do it. Just call us and we can discuss your design needs.


Graphic design is the intersection point between art and communication. London Web & Graphic Design operates under the belief that price need not compromise quality.

We measure our work and performance against only the highest standards, but we make sure that our design services are affordable for a wide range of customers. We are here to make your job and life easier. When you decide to work with us, you are signing on to highly qualified and skilled professionals, dynamic and interactive design concepts, an efficient and responsive work ethic, and dedicated service from beginning to end. You ask for the best, LWGD gives you more. We focus on developing impactful collateral pieces that will help to enhance your brand, product, service and/or company initiative. We will work with you through the entire design process to help you meet your design goals and to bring your vision to life.

Complete creation of brand identity for your business - Logo Creation - Business Cards - Print on t-shirt - Labels - Letter heads - Book cover Posters - Restaurant menu or any other type of printed menu - Brochures - Catalogue Magazines - Folders - Flyers - CD covers - Print advertisements - Design and print of invitations - Stickers - Newspaper advertisements - Sticker ads for cars, shops etc. - Custom Designs - Product Packagings - Program Booklets - Web site ads - Billboards - Stationary - Event Signage Presentation for Powerpoint - Ilustrations - 3D graphics


At L.W.G.D. we believe that nowadays your company needs to have an on-line presentation. Companies need customers and in the majority of cases, customers are spending the largest segments of their media consumption time on-line.

The era of media-driven mass marketing is rapidly coming to an end, as consumers migrate from "outbound" channels like scheduled television viewing and print to "inbound" channels like the internet, video game systems, iPod's and convergent mobile phone devices. In the new "on-demand" era, the opportunity to use media to reach consumers is eroding with every change in habit that technology fosters.

It is crucial that a web page has to be able to "talk" to the user as the creator of the web site cannot be present to answer all questions that are raised by users. The web site itself has to be able to answer those questions for them and lead users easily through its content. It must help users to achieve their goal in getting the necessary information they need.

From our many years of experience in on-line advertising we have developed a full understanding of our clients needs. Our determination will lead to your business success.

Custom web design - Web build - Re-design of old online presentation - Modern responsive web - Programming (front end/back end) - E-commerce - Statistics and analysis - Landing pages - Micro sites - Html Email - Blog Newsletters - Web site maintenance - Content management systems - SEO - Search engine optimisation (basic - advanced)

On-line E-commerce business website. Drive your sales to the maximum.

Custom made Design & Development and direct contact with the creative team. 1 year including unlimited MB web space. Domain name of your choice (.com,.co.uk etc.). Unlimited GB Monthly Traffic. Unlimited Email Accounts. User account management (such as with Amazon, eBay...) - i.e. shipping address, order history, order status etc. Order confirmation mail, dispatch confirmation mail, client satisfaction mail, feedback etc... Multiple currencies ('on the fly' conversion, etc...), multiple countries, states, multiple languages. Search (products, manufacturers, descriptions, categories...). Product ratings, product reviews, featured products, related products, testimonials. Product availability, notifications when products are in stock, RSS feeds to notify registered users about new products, new sales, etc. Custom product attributes (i.e. colour, size...). Social network sites integration. Shopper groups (different price levels), discounts, sales. Virtual goods (i.e. pictures, software, books...). Shop statistics, custom reports for admins. Stock level control for admins. Order status management. Several payment options (i.e. PayPal, World Pay). Live shipping rates, shipping integration (with UPS, FedEx and many more).


Social media is an essential method of sharing information on-line. This means that social media helps you to share your favourites or information that you think will interest other people, very likely including your clients. L.W.G.D. Design will help improve the traffic to your web site through Facebook, Twitter and many more.

The value of social media has been proven by many organizations on the Web. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube are all sites that no one thought would amount to anything, but now they are a dominant part of modern life for anyone under the age of 60. As humans, people love being part of a community and that includes the on-line community. L.W.G.D. Design will help you through our thoughtful strategies to target exactly who you would like to reach. Together we can spend time to listening to your audience before joining the conversation.

Facebook - Twitter - Google plus - LinkedIn - SEO - RSS feeds to enable your content - E-mail campaigns - Print campaigns - E-mail and newsletter campaigns - All consultation needed - Competition analyses - Market research - Selection of the right slogan - On-line strategy


It is important to note that SEO is an ongoing process! Once your web site is live you still need to maintain SEO strategies, which will pay off in terms of the increase of traffic to your site. Think of SEO as a living organism that feeds from constant maintenance.

SEO (Search engine optimization) means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. Basically, SEO is about the on-page and off-page design strategies L.W.G.D. will use to improve your search engine ranking. This usually means tweaking your web site using design elements and content.

SEM, or search engine marketing, is not just SEO. More precisely SEM includes pay-per-click advertising. London Web & Graphic Design will help you tackle search engine marketing, so your company will rank as high as possible in search engine results.

The ultimate goal of SEO and SEM is to bring more people to your web site.

We build SEO friendly web sites - Usage of tested keywords - Pay per click campaigns - We will analyse pay per click campaigns to see if it fits your needs - Effective pages indexation - Smooth strategy connectors - Adding your web site into major business directories - We help you to avoid SEO mapping - SEO maintenance through our SEO plan.


London Web & Graphic Design offers a wide variety of web hosting to suit your business and website requirements.

At London Web & Graphic Design Design you don't have to worry about hosting and a domain name, as those are included in the design project. The only thing you have to decide is what would you like to call your domain.

At first, it might seem that choosing a domain name is easy but it is actually a very sophisticated marketing decision. Don't worry, with L.W.G.D. Design you won't get lost. Our professional marketing team will assist you through the right selection process and direct you towards the creation of a successful company domain name.

There are no limits in the selection of domain names ending with .com, .co.uk, .eu and all others that are available. Everything related to domain & hosting can be left to us. We will do it for you.

Web site hosting plus the domain is always included in the final quote. We can also get you those separately if needed.


"Good logo design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs." Frank Chimero

Visual communication in its widest sense has a long history. When early man hunted for food and spotted the imprint of an animal in the mud, he was looking at a graphic design.

Where humans lived almost exclusively on buffalo, the image even came to stand for God; even today, humans need to simplify images when they want to express complicated ideas.

People constantly need values and images through which they can recognise and see themselves represented, thanks either to a feeling of association or of disassociation with others.

We recognise a beautiful logo by its pretty design. We recognise an effective logo by its success.


We are marketing specialists and understand that clients want and need a universal service where the creative and project managers all work with the technologists to develop the best solution to meet your requirements.

We use variations of the latest technologies tailored to the client's requirements. Every job is different and every client has different ideas about the final product. Our team of experienced Graphic designers, Web designers, Programmers and our Marketers will make sure that the latest technologies are applied with the highest possible quality.

We support you, from simple database-driven e-Commerce Web sites up to Flash animated management, Email-promos or banner adverts. We can deliver the right solution for you.

Over 75% of all graphic design work uses photography. When we design for you, you get totally FREE usage of images from our extensive range of stock photography which is always expanding and is suitable for most creative tasks.

HTML - XHTML - HTML 5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - Flash (banners, animations etc.) - Joomla - .ASP - .NET - PHP - Web monitoring - Search engine optimisation (SEO) - Digital print Offset print - Silk screen print - Simple banners - Billboards - Custom banners - Videos from A to Z - Photographic services

Pricing tables

The difference between a Designer and Developer when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it

Logo Design from

£ 199
Per Logo
  • 20 logos to choose from
  • Fast delivery
  • Design team on hand
  • 100% ownership
  • Logo manual book
  • Order now for 20% discount
Order Now

Website from

£ 299
Per web site
  • 2 Designs to choose from
  • Free domain
  • Design team on hand
  • 250mb Hosting space
  • SMS
  • SEO
Order Now

Web site & logo

£ 599
Per both
  • Logo design
  • Web site design
  • Fully functional web site
  • 500mb Hosting Space
  • SEO
  • CMS
Order Now